Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Introduction to Once a Month Cooking

Several years back as I was recovering from one of my several recent surgeries, a friend was over to help me with the kiddos. When she came in the house she brought with her a pyrex dish.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Oh, I brought you dinner from my freezer."

"Dinner from your freezer?"

"Yea, I do Once a month cooking so I have a freezer full of dinners."

"Once a month what?" I asked very curious.

She went on to tell me very briefly about the concept of once a month cooking. My immediate response was "whoever came up with this concept is a genius."

Later I hit the Internet in search of more information and the next day hit the library in search of books. I found this great book and brought it home to study. It was a great resource. It wasn't long before I was confident enough in my research to attempt my first day of OAMC.

My first very long day produced about 23 meals and I felt very satisfied with my labors. Over the course of that first month I saved myself many many hours in the kitchen and cut my grocery bill just about in half.

Over time, I have perfected my processes, created my own recipes, converted some of our family favorites and collected over 6 months worth of unrepeated recipes. I have taught a couple of classes for the women at church and shared my ideas and my recipe compilation with countless others.

In the last six months I have found an even better way to do my OAMC cooking. I save even more money, several hours of labor time, and have a ton more fun with the whole process. I will write about this in my next post.


Sheri said...

I am so excited for you next post.

Jaidi and Justin Clayton and Family! said...

I am really excited for this blog! Though I may not be able to use it for a long time--No freezer space---I can't wait 'til the day when I can! Thanks Michelle!

John & Linds said...

Count me in as a subscriber! I have an empty freezer waiting for me!

PokeyAnn said...

Could you please make your next post, like tomorrow. Thanks! But seriously I'm excited to learn what you have to offer. And how to cut my grocery bill. ;)

Michelle said...

I love this idea and can't wait to learn more about it!

Melinda said...

I'm excited to how you do it all! I've wanted to try it for a while.